Evidence-Based Programs

Evidence Based Health Promotion is the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating programs adapted from trusted models or interventions to address health issues.

Why We Promote Evidence-Based Programs


Evidence Based Health Promotion Programs provide demonstrated clear benefits through rigorous research, minimal risk to participants, and clear physiological, psychological, and social benefits to program participants.

Evidence-based programs provide measurable outcomes in senior health and fitness such as

  • an increase in adherence to best practices

  • decreases in falls

  • increases in functional fitness for seniors

  • increase in positive self-perception

  • increases in self efficacy

  • other positive health benefits


Completion of an evidence-based program from a certified trainer or coach can help members of our  older adult community feel empowered to manage their own health, stay active and lead more fulfilling lives.

You can learn more about evidence-based programs and their efficacy at The Center for Healthy Aging.