Thoughts and Comments from past programs​

Matter of Balance Participants

“I have learned to be more assertive, more responsible, to think positively and to focus better. I have learned to improve my environment and socialize more.”

“Frequently rotate ankles when I am sitting, more conscious of posture and engaging my core”

“Cleared walkways in home, slow down, don’t rush, wear proper shoes, talk to people about what would be helpful to them also”

“Thank you so very much. I am grateful to Melissa and Madeline and look forward to joining Melissa’s Enhance Fitness Class”

“A second film with seniors would aid in teaching”
“Thank you for an educational and fun class.  Good visuals too”

“More regular disciplined exercise.”


“I have complained less to others about the senior problems and instead made choices about my health, assertiveness, positive attitude and more planning is needed as I get older.  I have made changes concerning my health and safety”

“I gained more confidence and awareness of my surroundings.  I learned how to prevent falls.”

“Great class.  Patricia is a great instructor, she is well prepared and clear in her presentation.”


EnhanceFitness Participants

“I liked using weights and class was free of charge”

“Teacher was the best, super helpful and encouraging, great attitude”

“Courtney is very personable. She is a very good and kind teacher”

"I enjoy this class and the teacher”

“Challenging aerobics & weights, good cool down”

“Love the class and Courtney is the best, most encouraging instructor, she makes it fun”

“Great Teacher, full of ideas and help”

Stepping On Participants


“I have in fact recommended it to 2 friends who need it.” 


"Instructor very prepared and very knowledgeable!”


“Very helpful. Time well spent. Thank you!”


“Excellent course… Appreciated the exercises most of all!” 


“The class was very beneficial, and I’m sorry it is over. I hope to continue the exercises at home. The leader, Debby, is fantastic and so patient to explain every detail to the class.”

“Balance exercises a revelation!”

“Fun – well taught and valuable info. Thanks to both facilitators.”

“Well worth time and effort. Will continue exercises.”

“Good speakers. Good review, handouts. Kind, helpful instructors – Excellent.” 

  “The class would be a benefit in all nursing homes and elderly living places.”

“Exercises were very good. Liked the pharmacist and policeman. Liked the variety of activities. Liked the snacks. Liked the videos.”

“Both class leaders are very knowledgeable or their work.”

“Very warm and friendly interaction between classmates and the speakers/instructors.”