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Partnership Benefits

Engaging with SVHAP gives you access to the tools necessary to implement evidence-based programs for older adults. SVHAP helps bring community members and organizations together to build a resource network for older adults in Santa Clara County to improve health and wellness as the population ages.


Older Adult Health Program

Implementation and Training Assistance

We act as the liaison between community partners and licensed evidence-based program agencies to reduce your administrative burden.

  • SVHAP staff and members are available to offer technical assistance and support as you implement evidence-based programs.

  • Our staff assists with, and often completes much of, the paperwork required to administer evidence-based programs in your organization.

  • We provide training and licensing support to prepare your staff to offer evidence-based health promotion programs.

  • SVHAP maintains a pool of trainers (SVHAP Master Trainers and program trainers) who are available to certify your staff in evidence-based programs or possibly teach at your site.  For a list of current programs, visit our Evidence-Based Programs page.

  • maintains a list of local resources including sites that are implementing evidence-based programs, training opportunities, and information on healthy aging.

Results Tracking and Measurement

  • SVHAP performs data entry for many EBHPP.

  • We perform fidelity monitoring and assessment of programs.


To learn more about becoming a member or partner agency, please contact us.

Program Tool Kits


If you are interested in bringing Evidence-Based Programs to your community, but not sure how or what is needed, we have created Tool Kits that summarize each program's needs and the approximate costs associated with implementation. To download, please visit our Download and Print Resource Page by clicking here.

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