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Program Summary:


EnhanceFitness class is a structured group exercise program that focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics and strength training exercises. It has been shown to help older adults to improve their health status and reduce their use of health care.  Click here to see EnhanceFitness in action.

Class Structure:

EnhanceFitness is offered 3 days per week for one hour. 


Each EnhanceFitness Class consists of:

  • 5-minute warm-up

  • 20-minute aerobics to music

  • 5-minute cool-down

  • 20-minute strength training workout

    • Using soft ankle and wrist weights

  • A 10-minute stretch

  • Class Size: 10-25 participants

EnhanceFitness class is an excellent opportunity for older adults to work on fitness and engage with other members of the community.  EnhanceFitness is offered through certified agencies throughout Santa Clara County.

SVHAP assists qualified agencies to offer the EnhanceFitness program and train certified coaches. To learn more about bringing a EnhanceFitness class to your organization, please visit our EnhanceFitness training page.

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Due to COVID-19, some classes may be canceled. Please call to confirm class availability. 

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