Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance

This program includes the 8 Tai Chi forms that emphasize weight shifting, postural alignment, and coordinated movements. Synchronized breathing aligned with Tai Chi movements was integrated into the movement routine. This program is designed for older adults who have no ambulatory problems. It can also be done while seated in a chair.

Class Structure:  There are 3 options for Tai Chi classes:

  • Option #1 (preferred): 60 minutes, 3x per week
  • Option #2: 60 minutes, 2x per week with and additional required 45-minute home practice
  • Option #3: 90 minutes, 2x per week

A minimum of 12 weeks is preferred as well.

Each Tai Chi class will consist of:

  • General warm up activities
  • Core Tai Chi movements
  • Cool-down exercises

Materials Required: There is no equipment required for this program.

Senior woman practicing Tai  Chi for Better Balance

Class Size: 10-15 people

Training Requirements: There are various levels of teaching certifications appropriate for Tai Chi instructors. At the most basic of levels, the instructor should have at least some experience in Tai Chi. There is a course package required for this program that includes implementation plan, training manuals, and class materials on both VHS and DVD.

If you are interested in offering Tai Chi classes for seniors, SVHAP assists qualified agencies to offer this program.