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Am I At Risk for a Fall?

What causes a fall?  Falls don’t “just happen” as people age.  There are many reasons why someone may fall and there is generally more then one risk factor involved in an incident.

There are a number of risk factors for falling and the more factors you have, the higher your risk. Here are just a few risk factors for falling:

  • Muscle weakness and imbalances

  • Poor vision and hearing

  • Medications

  • Home Safety

By assessing your risk factors, evaluating your surroundings and making simple changes, one can lower their risk of falls.  To assess your risk factors, click here.  Para evaluar su riesgo de una caida, selecciona aqui.

Here is a short video about the 6 steps to prevent a fall:

FPSCC has compiled a list of helpful tips and ideas to help lower your risk of falls. Click here to go to the Falls Prevention Tips Page.

The Falls Free® Initiative is a national effort led by NCOA to address the growing public health issue of falls and fall-related injuries and deaths in older adults. For more information, click here.

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