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Falls Prevention Tips

For the Home

  • Be sure to have good lighting both inside and outside.

  • Use night lights and flashlights.

  • Have handrails on both sides of staircases.

  • Keep walkways clear of clutter.

  • Be sure that all carpets are secure and if possible, do not use throw rugs.

  • Have grab bars in bathrooms.

  • Use non-slip mats on all wet surfaces.

  • Avoid having bed covers that are too long an can be tripped over.

  • Have all cords and wires secure.

  • Do not put things on shelves that you cannot reach.

  • Wipe up wet spills as soon as they occur.

  • Have a phone near your bed.

  • Keep a cell phone with you as you move about your home.

  • Do not try to carry too much at one time.

  • Let the phone ring…do not rush to answer.


  • Read warnings and side effects of all medications.

  • Do not share medications.

  • Do not start or stop taking medications without notifying your doctor.

  • Over the counter medications can have side effects as well.  Be sure to notify your doctor if you are taking over the counter medications as well as herbals and vitamins.

  • To avoid confusion, keep all medication stored in the container that it came in.

  • Alcohol can interact with medications.  It can make you dizzy and lead you to a fall.


Vision and Hearing

  • Poor vision can increase your chance of falling.

  • Get your eyes checked annually.

  • Be cautious if you wear bifocals.  They can distort vision while going down stairs.

  • Wear your glasses and be sure that they are the correct prescription.


Physical Activity: Exercise is the ONLY risk factor that by itself can dramatically reduce the risk of falls.

(Before starting any exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor.)

  • Walk more

  • Keep your muscles strong.

  • Perform simple exercises.

  • Stretch

  • Choose something active that you enjoy!  Gardening, bowling, golf, walking…anything active that you are motivated to continue doing!

Additional resources for physical activity include:

Go For Life: Lists simple exercises with descriptions and photos.

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