Photos From 2nd Annual Meeting

SVHAP Interns with Dr. Tamar Semerjian and Jennifer Schachner.

Jennifer Schachner and one of our newest members, Mike Torres from Council on Aging Silicon Valley.

Two of our fearless leaders: Lori Andersen and Dr. Tamar Semerjian.

Victoria Bruno shares more about her Arthritis Programming with Tatiana Perfilov.

Ellen Corman from Stanford shares her experience with the group.

A partnership in the making between SJSU intern Olga Adelung and Gerard Manuel from the City of Sunnyvale.

More group sharing.


Victoria Bruno shares program ideas with Judi Wilson (SJSU Intern), Gerard Manuel (City of Sunnyvale) and Jennifer Schachner (SVHAP/SJSU).

Jennifer Schachner shares the future plans for the website, Facebook and SVHAP trainings.

Victoria Bruno educates the group on the Arthritis Programs.

Our panels shares their success and challenges of introducing Evidence Based Programs.

More from our panel.

Paul Hepfner share information on Better Choices, Better Health.

Dr. Tamar Semerjian discusses the exciting progress of SVHAP.