Partnerships and Member Benefits

Networking member benefits at annual meetingEngaging with SVHAP as a partner or member organization gives you access to the tools necessary to make evidence-based programs for senior health. SVHAP helps to bring community  members and organizations together to build a resource network for seniors in Santa Clara County to improve health and wellness as the senior population ages.

Specific member benefits include:

Networking opportunities

We organize an Annual Meeting that gives partners and members access to a learning network of organization implementing evidence-based health promotion programs.

Senior Health Program Implementation and Training Assistance

We act as the liaison between community partners and licensed evidence-based program agencies to reduce your administrative burden.

  • SVHAP staff and members are available to offer technical assistance and support as you implement evidence-based programs.
  • Or staff assists with, and often completes much of, the paperwork required to administer evidence-based programs in your organization.
  • We provide training and licensing support to prepare your staff to offer evidence-based health promotion programs.
  • SVHAP maintains a pool of EBHPP trainers (SVHAP Master Trainers and SJSU student interns) who are available to certify your staff in evidence-based program coaching.
  • maintains a list of local resources including sites that are implementing evidence-based programs, training opportunities, and information on healthy aging.

Results Tracking and Measurement

  • SVHAP performs data entry for EBHPP.
  • We perform fidelity monitoring and assessment of programs.


To learn more about becoming a member or partner agency, please contact us or complete an interest survey and we will reach out to you.