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Falls Prevention Programs - SVHAP

Falls Prevention Resources for Seniors

The links provided here are just a few of the great organizations and service providers for falls prevention programs in Santa Clara County and California.

Fall Prevention Programs

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EnhanceFitness ClassesSVHAP has been highlighted in the latest Enhance Fitness newsletter.  Click here to go to the Enhance Fitness homepage.  You can then download the newsletter on the right side of Read more

Matter of Balance ClassesThe Matter of Balance program emphasizes practical strategies to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels for seniors. Program participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable.  Coaches Read more

Better Choice, Better Health CDSM ProgramBetter Choices, Better Health is a chronic disease self management program.  BCBH gives people living with a chronic condition the tools to live healthier and more independent lives by taking charge of their health and wellness.  Read more

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  • Program Participant

    “My cholesterol levels have fallen- but I haven’t!”

  • Program Participant
    • Program Participant

    I tried to change arrangements of throw carpet/mat. Be more alert when walking. Try to slow down everywhere possible.

  • Program Participant
    • Matter of Balance Program Participant

    I do the exercises every day. I think of the consequences of behaviors i. e. moving too fast. I have shared information on the class with friends. The class has been most helpful.

  • Program Participant
    • Matter of Balance Program Participant

    More determined to schedule exercise into my days. Exercise workbook easy to follow. Followed ideas suggested by members of class.