Stepping On

Falls Prevention Program Education


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Stepping on Flyer Avenidas FALL 2015

Stepping On is an evidence-based, group-based fall prevention program, offered from Stanford Health Care, for older adults. The program meets for 2 hours for seven weeks and then reconvenes 3 months later for a “booster session.” A home visit is also offered and conducted by an occupational therapist. The Stepping On program has been shown to reduce falls by 31%.

The Stepping On program is led by an occupational therapist and brings in health professionals throughout the seven weeks, including a physical therapist, vision specialist, pharmacist and others. During the program, participants learn:

  • Simple, fun ways to improve strength and balance
  • The role vision plays in fall prevention
  • Information on medication management and Vitamin D
  • What to look for in safe footwear
  • Home safety tips

For more information, please call 650-724-9369 or go to and put in fall prevention for older adults.