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The mission of the Falls Prevention Task Force in Santa Clara County (FPSCC) is to bring together healthcare and community agencies to work together to reduce the risks of falls among older adults through advocacy, resource development, and community and provider education.

FPSCC was founded by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department, San José State University, Stanford Health Care, El Camino Hospital, The Health Trust and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

For more information and to join the task force contact Vanessa.Merlano@phd.sccgov.org

1 in 4 older adults (65+) will experience a fall each year.

Falls-related injuries are a significant concern among aging populations. Falls prevention programs help seniors to modify their environments to prevent risks for falls and increase their mobility, balance and strength to lower their likelihood of experiencing an injury.

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Reduce Your Risk of Falling Today :

  • Exercise: Exercise strengthens leg muscles and improves balance, which decrease your risk of falls.
  • Be Mindful of Medications: Have a doctor or pharmacist review all your medications to help reduce the chance of risky side effects, which increase the risk of falls.
  • Keep up with your Vision: Have your eyes checked every year and wear glasses or contact lenses with the right prescription strength.
  • Remove Hazards at Home: Use a home safety checklist to remove fall hazards, such as clutter, cords and poor lighting.