Falls Prevention Education & Outreach

The Falls Prevention in Santa Clara County (FPSCC) Task Force has been working with community partners to support a variety of events related to Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2016. The task force is working throughout the County of Santa Clara to coordinate educational workshops, health fairs, balance assessments, and other activities to increase awareness regarding falls prevention. We are also providing resources to all the cities in the County to help them disseminate up-to-date and research driven materials and information to older adults in the community. The FPSCC also produced a tool kit that contains a variety of activities that community partners can use during Falls Prevention Awareness Day, and Active Aging Week.  We are also participating in the sit to stand challenge for 2016.  For more information please click here:

Sit 2 Stand Challenge

FPSCC produced a reusable placemat with information regarding tips for falls prevention, important exercises to improve balance, how to get up from a fall and information on community resources. These placemats and brochures were distributed to over 6000 people throughout the County. In addition, we provided falls prevention talks to over 1500 older adults throughout the County.

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department is one of three counties in the nation to pilot The Home Safety Checklist Tool developed by the University of Southern California. To date, numerous first responders have been trained to increase their capacity to meet the needs of clients who call emergency services for lift assists and connect them to community resources.


View: The Falling Monologues

The Falling Monologues are a series of stories reflecting the thoughts, emotions, and lessons learned by some older adults after they’ve fallen, developed as a creative approach to spark interest and start discussion about fall prevention. Written and directed by Marilyn Faber, the performances are accompanied by commentary from Emily Nabors and Anna Nguyen of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence and Fall Prevention Coalition – Los Angeles (FPC-LA).