Matter of Balance Requirements

Matter of Balance Program LogoThe Matter of Balance program is an evidence-based program being offered through SVHAP parter organizations in Santa Clara County.  SVHAP supports our member agencies to get certified and train coaching staff.  Matter of Balance training has the following requirements:

Matter of Balance Training Requirements

  • Attend 8 hours of coach training taught by master trainer(s) to earn a Matter of Balance Coach Certification.
  • Attend 2.5 hours of coach training updates annually.
  • Teach at least 2 Matter of Balance classes within one year of certification.

Matter of Balance Training CoachThis program uses a volunteer Lay Leader model which utilizes trained volunteers, called coaches, to conduct the class.

The Matter of Balance Volunteer Lay Leader model significantly reduces the cost of the classes.  This means that the program can be offered more frequently and in a wider variety of settings.  With the increased availability, we are able to reach a significantly higher number of older adults.

Guest physical therapists work with  seniors during the exercise sessions of the course to present stretching and strength building exercises.

Operating Costs of the Matter of Balance Program

Matter of Balance training program providers will need to stock a variety of materials related to the program.  Reproduction costs for materials are:

  • Coaches Handbook(s): $22 each
  • Participant Handbooks: $14 each
  • Guest Therapist Handbook: $10 each
  • DVD Set (Fear of Falling and Exercise: It’s Never Too Late): $164.76 per set
  • A Matter of Balance DVD: $11 each
  • A Matter of Balance Lay Leader  Model CD-ROM for Coaches: $2 each

For the two hour sessions sponsor organizations should be prepared for the following  facilities costs and equipment requirements:

  • Class space with seating and room for group exercise
  • Refreshment for classes: $5/person for eight sessions
  • AV equipment to share DVDs

To offer the Matter of Balance program or learn about upcoming trainer opportunities, please contact us or complete a member interest survey.