Matter of Balance

The Matter of Balance program emphasizes practical strategies to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels for seniors. Program participants learn to view falls and fear of falling as controllable.  Coaches work with them to set realistic goals to increase activity and teach the class exercises to increase strength and balance.  Seniors get practical advice on how they can change their environment to reduce fall risk factors.

Class Structure: Matter of Balance classes are offered 1 time per week for 8 weeks. Each class lasts 2 hours.

Matter of Balance Classes consists of:

In the sessions, attendees participate in a variety of activities each week.  Class Activities include:

  • group discussion
  • problem-solving
  • skill building
  • assertiveness training
  • sharing practical solutions
  • strength building exercises
  • balance exercises
Matter of Balance Class for Seniors

Early sessions focus on changing attitudes and self-efficacy before attempting changes in actual behavior. As class participants come to understand the wide range of activity available to them into their senior  years, they prepare to learn practical movement exercises.

The exercise component, which begins in the third session, takes about 30 minutes of the session to complete. Coaches lead participants in exercises that focus on building balance and strength.

Class Size: 8-14 participants

The program is structured to build confidence as well as physical fitness.  Engaging with other members of the community helps seniors stay engaged in community and work together to overcome fears.

Matter of Balance is offered through certified agencies throughout Santa Clara County.  To find a program near you, please check our list of class locations.

If you are interested in offering Matter of Balance for seniors, SVHAP assists qualified agencies offer the Matter of Balance program and train certified coaches.