About Us

Silicon Valley Healthy Aging Partnership TeamThe Silicon Valley Healthy Aging Partnership (SVHAP) was formed to help bring Evidence-Based Programs for health and wellness in aging populations to Santa Clara County.  We help to coordinate national programs with local community partners to create a culture of physical activity for area seniors.

SVHAP Mission Statement

It is the mission of SVHAP to create and support partnerships between community organizations to ensure that evidence-based health promotion programs are widely available on an on-going basis throughout Santa Clara County for all older adults.

The work done by partner agencies of SVHAP will bridge the diverse communities and capabilities represented in Santa Clara County agencies to make quality health promotion programming affordable and accessible, coordinate resources and leverage funding to maintain high quality programs that will reduce health disparities in our community.

Coming Together to Promote Older Adult Health

To date, SVHAP has 31 individual members representing 24 different organizations.  A leadership team of eight individuals, not including SVHAP staff, sets our strategy and plans leadership training events.

Our local efforts build upon the commitment of national, state and philanthropic organizations to promote and support the implementation of evidence-based programs for older adult health.   Our partner organizations include:

If you are interested in learning more about our programs to promote older adult health or if you’d like to get involved as a community partner, volunteer or sponsor, please contact us.